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Monday, July 12, 2010

The Sounds Of Exotic Island - The Surfmen

Orchid Lagoon
The Sounds Of Exotic Island
The Surfmen
Recorded under the direction of D. L. Miller
United Recording Studio, Hollywood
Cover Photo: George Pickow
Cover Art: Will Dresser
Somerset SF-10500

Also issued as The South Sea Serenaders - Tradewinds: Romance From Hawaii To Tahiti (Somerset SF-25100).

From the back cover: The arrangements in this album were scored by two very capable musical beachcombers – Joe Kuhn and Bob Louden. The Surfmen include such top west coast musicians as Paul Horn, Roland Bundock, Jimmy Rowles, Al Hendrickson, Alvino Rey, Jack Sterling, Sam Weiss, J. Castonza, Mike Holland, Gene Estes, Ann Stockton and Emil Richard.

Special percussion instruments used were: Tahitian log, Chinese wind glass, Guatemalan gourd, coconut shells, lava stones, bamboo rods from Hawaii, bamboo puppet stakes from Hong Kong, and congo drums from Tanaganyika, Africa, Tropical bird calls, surf and jungle sounds are authentic recordings of same.

Quiet Village
Tahiti Sunrise
Bali Hai
Jungle Romance
Forbidden Island
Moonlight In Paradise
Orchid Lagoon
Fire Goddess
Moon Of Manakoora


  1. Oh yes. The Surfmen are remarkable. Thank you for turning me on to them!

  2. I'm glad to see this great LP getting recognition. I a CD with the original cover art would get a release. It would be super awesome if the CD replicated a mini album and included the original Somerset label on the disc!

    There is a CD called The Surfmen Studio 102 Essentials which has all the songs from their 2 LP's but lack the great cover art and the songs are in alphabetical order.

    My mom bought the original LP when it first came out and we'd play it on a "STATE OF THE ART" Muntz TV stereo console. I played this to death in the early 70's. I recorded it on cassette and took it with me when I went fishing (Lived at Saratoga Lake). I also took 2 other recordings, George Cate's Polynesian Percussion & Orienta by The Markko Polo Adventurers. I guess I was a strange kid as every other kid was into Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper & Deep Purple. I actually like them too, but I still play my Surfman music quite frequently.

    I think Exotic Island will always have it's fans! Great LP!!

  3. Do you happen to have anything from The Surfmen Sounds From The Exotic Island ? If so can you please post it.


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