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Thursday, February 6, 2020

We Go Together - Paul & Paula

So Fine
Paul & Paula
We Go Together
Cover Design: William Smith
Philips Records PHS 600-089

From the back cover: Even in a business as prone to lightening as the entertainment business, the story of "Paul and Paula" is extraordinary. They've simply made it that fast.

The two kids came out of Texas in November, 1962, their vehicle was a Philips record titled "Hey, Paula." This record geared the wheels of more chart winners. "Paul & Paula Sing For Young Lovers" shortly after its release, became one of the top "10" albums in the nation. Later their single recording of "Young Lover" jumped on the charts of the leading trade magazines, and rapidly soared into the top "10" of the singles. Young Lovers is still holding position in the magazines, as Paul & Paula are still holding the attention and adoration of "teens" throughout the nation.

Yet, as it rarely happens (but just often enough so that kids everywhere can dream), here they are today, established personalities, thanks to the very first recording they ever made.

How'd it happen? Well, for one thing, as the title of this album indicates, they "go together." They blend. Their voices are complementary. They make sense as a team. Even more than that, in doing what they do, singing what they sing, being what they are, they make a powerful appeal. They've been called, "America's number one boy and girl," and they might well be. They represent, in a very real sense, the kind of boy-girl combination that this country has always taken to heart, a 1963 version of Janet Gaynor-Charles Farrell team of "Seventh Heaven."

In a growing sense, they also are the very people they sing about – "The Average Boy, the Average Girl" who go together like "two straws in a soda." The subjects of their songs are the subjects other boys and girls find important and for good reason – "We Go Together"... "Pledging My Love"... "Flipped Over You"... "The Beginning Of Love." They sing of a world that is brand new, to them, where kids pair off, maybe forever. – Lou Sidran

From Billboard - July 6, 1963: Paul and Paula have gone well together over the course of several hefty singles hits and an earlier album. The title describes them well, musically speaking, at least, as they turn in the familiar duet harmony stylings on a flock of love ditties like "Pledging My Love," "Flipped Over You," "Something Old and Something New" and the title tune. Interestingly and somewhat contrary to current practice, neither of their previous hits is included. The set should grab a lot of action.

We Got Together
Oh What A Love
The Beginning Of Love
Flipped Over You
We Two Forever Shall Be One
Stepping Stone
Average Boy And Average Girl
So Fine
Love Comes Once
You Send Me
Something Old, Something New
Pledging My Love

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