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Sunday, December 22, 2019

More Mauriat - Paul Mauriat

Bang Bang
More Mauriat
The Dynamic Paul Mauriat Orchestra Doing The "Now" Scene!
Philips STEREO PHS 600-226
A Division of Mercury Records

From the back cover: Paul Mauriat's musical biography is not unusual. That is not to say it is unworthy, but simply put that he – like many other musicians – was trained as a classical musician via the conservatory and later turned his talents to the more popular musical expressions. He entered the conservatory at age 10. He soon "discovered" jazz, and like many others, this exciting musical genre captivated him. The unique part of the Mauriat story is what he did with his discovery.

At age 17, Mauriat organized his own orchestra and began appearing all over France and the continent. Soon, he was established with a large segment of the public as a musician of considerable prowess.

Coming to Paris, Mauriat turned more and more to writing and arranging, and the results are revealed in the recordings his orchestra has since turned out. Obviously, he has never lost touch with his classical training (as his treatment of "Sunny" alone on this LP will show). He admits that his preference among serious composers runs to the modern – composers from Debussy to Stravinsky. Yet, he also confesses that he often prefers orderly classicism of Bach at times. In his continuing affection for the jazz idiom, he admires both Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong among American artists and, among French Vocalists, the abilities of Aznavour, Brassens and Salvador.

Black Is Black
Winchestra Cathedral
Love Me, Please Love Me
Reach Out I'll Be There
Bang Bang
Lara's Theme From Doctor Zhivago
Theme From "Is Paris Burning"
En Bandouleire

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