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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

The Art Of Belly Dancing Vol. II

Chifte Telli
The Art Of Belly Dancing Volume 2
Cover Design: Lee/Myles Associates - NYC
Production Supervisor: Jilana
Photographed in Hollywood by David Alexander
Model: Roni Saunders
Engineer: Larry Ziemba
Recorded at Sound Book Studios - NYC
Gateway Records STEREO GSLP-3531
A Product of Gillette Madison, Co.

From the back cover: Jilana, our production supervisor is an experienced belly dane teacher who has been dancing since she was a young child. She became interested in the art of belly dancing after having been a ballet and modern dancer when she discovered that the movements helped reduce her waist line and tone her muscles even more so than in the others. An avid tennis player and swimmer, she combines business with pleasure by teaching belly dancing at several of New York's summer resort hotels.

2/4 Tempo
Fast Tempo
Chifte Telli
Fast Chifte Telli

Side Two (Single Track)

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