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Thursday, December 19, 2019

Suddenly It's Swing - Si Zentner

When A Gypsy Makes A Violin Cry
Si Zentner Plays and...
Suddenly It's Swing
Si Zentner and His Orchestra
Producer: Si Waronker
Engineer: Bill Putman
Color Photograph: Garrett-Howard, Inc.
Cover Design: Pate/Francis & Associates
Liberty LST 7139

Jules Chaikin
Dick Hurwitz
Bill Peterson
Tom Scott

Bob Edmondson
Don Nelligan
Bob Pring

Saxophones (Altos):
Bernie Fleischer
Lanny Morgan

Saxophones (Tenors):
Bob Hardaway
Jay Migliori

Saxophones (Baritone): Dave Madden

Guitar: Tommy Tedesco

Piano: Bob Florence

Drums: Frankie Capp

Bass: Lyle Ritz

From Billboard February 1, 1960: Swingy, big band performances will help the listener recapture his love for this type of material. There are four trumpets, three trombones, three altos and two tenor saxes, one baritone and guitar, piano, drums and bass. Material includes both standards and new tunes.

I Found A New Baby
Dream Of You
If I Love Again
Swingin' On Somethin'
Campton Races
Just A-Wearyin' For You
When A Gypsy Makes A Violin Cry
High Spirits
Shufflin' Blues
I'm Glad There Is You
Like Home

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