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Sunday, December 22, 2019

Italian Style - The Di Mara Sisters

Italian Style
The Di Mara Sisters
Forum Circle FC-9089
Connoisseur Record Corp.

From the back cover: It has been some five years now since the Di Mara Sisters left their native Italy to come to America. Musically speaking, Italy's loss has been America's gain. In the past five years Lillian, Rose and Marisa Di Mara have lived their thoroughly ingratiating young voices in sweet song and given us a touch of the sadness, the romance, the gaiety and the beauty of sunny Italy.

Back in the old country, the Di Mara girls lived the quiet normal lives of youngsters growing up. Their father, SeƱor Di Mara, was a representative of the International Accordion Company, and he made certain that music played an important part in his daughter's upbringing. All three studied music under a number of professional music teachers, including the well-known Maestro Sciorelli.

When the girls were ready, they made their professional debut over the Rome television station "La Rai." The three young charmers met with instantaneous success. In 1953, Senor Di Mara and his American-born wife left Italy and brought their daughters to these shores in 1955, at the Club Alamo in Detroit. The Di Maras made their first appearance in an American night club. Once again, they met with immediate success.

There are, without a doubt, many albums of Italian music and songs on the market today. What makes the work of the Di Mara Sisters different is best described in one word, authenticity. There is no vocal group that can sing with the complete authenticity and innate "known-how" as these three young ladies.

In this album, as in the first, Tony Dannon plays accordion and conducts the orchestra. Tony, who has been associated with the Di Mara Sisters for many years, is also connected with the International Accordion Company and operates an accordion school in Detroit.

Souvenir D'Italy
La Tarantella
Che La La
Anema E Core
Parigi O Cara
I'm Alone Cause I Want You Alone
Baciare Baciare
Uno Momento
Funiculi Funicula

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