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Friday, May 11, 2018

Swinging Guitar - Jorgen Ingmann

Blue Moon
Swinging Guitar
Featuring Jorgen Ingmann
Mercury MG 20200

From the back cover: Jorgen Ingmann's advent on the American record scene is but one indication of the degree to which these fresh ideas have spread abroad. Ingmann, still a little short of his thirtieth birthday, has been heard during most of the past decade with a combo under the direction of the noted Danish violinist Svend Asmussen. A native of Copenhagen, Denmark, Ingmann also happens to be as handy a man with the plugs and volts as he is with sharps and flats; hence the present highly entertaining album.

Ingmann uses the so-called multiple recording technique, adding extra parts to his solos by re-recording himself several times on the same tape – some of his performances have included as many as ten different parts, all played by Ingmann. He has such an amazing knowledge of electronics and sound engineering that he has set up his own private studio in which all his special-effects recordings are made.

Ingmann's popularity is not in the least hurt by the fact that he happens to have a masculine, movie-star brand of good looks. At last reports he was touring the world in a group abroad a Swedish luxury liner and planning to return home to Scandinavia for some more of his unique recording sessions.

The twelve performance in this set are all guitar solos from start to finish; that monotony never sets in is a tribute both to Ingmann's musical taste and to his mechanical ingenuity.

From Billboard - May 7, 1957: Fine novelty instrumental stuff for jocks and for all varieties of guitar lovers. Danish Ingmann does a Les Paul with multiple taping, speed alterations, etc., but with a subtle tasteful style of his own. Great sound enhances some clever effects. Almost any one of the 12 tracks will sell it. Try "Bye, Bye Blues" or "Hallo Joe." If pushed it can sell.

Moonlight Cocktail
Twilight Time
Blue Moon
Old Moon
Jorgen's Boogie
Mean To Me
Blue Room
Pardon Me, Pretty Baby
Hallo Joe
Bye Bye Blues
Some Of These Days
The Darktown Strutters' Ball

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