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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Morning - Jim Ed Brown

Rainy Jane
Jim Ed Brown
Vocal Accompaniment by The Nashville Edition
Arranged by Bill McElhiney
Produced by Bob Ferguson
Recording Engineers: Al Pachucki and Leslie Ladd
Recording Technicians: Roy Shockley and Mike Shockley
Cover Photo by Ray Pike
RCA Victor LSP-4461

From Billboard - January 23, 1971: A well-produced album, coupling excellent material with fine production and performance. Jim Ed Brown starts this one off with his hit, "Morning," and includes "Good Brother John," "Ain't Life Sweet," and others. Class product with pop appeal as well.

Every Mile Of The Way
Good Brother John
A Dime At A Time
Wake Me Up In Oklahoma
Laying Here Lying In Bed
Ain't Life Sweet
Sunday Morning We'll Be Singing
How To Lose A Good Woman (Produced by Felton Jarvis)
Rainy Jane (Produced by Felton Jarvis)

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