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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Bill's Bag - Billy May

Whisper Not
Bill's Bag
Jazz Standards Of Tomorrow That Are Happening Today
Arranged and Conducted by Billy May
Produced by Dave Cavanaugh and Tom Morgan
Recorded in Capitol Records' Studio A, Hollywood on January 15, February 11 and March 19, 1963.
Recording Engineers: Hugh Davies, Pete Abbott and John Kraus
Paul Horn appears through courtesy of Columbia Records
Cover Photo: Capitol Photo Studio / George Jerman
Capitol Records T 1888

From the back cover: Instrumental is (what else?) unusual and flexible. A small unit's out front (and to the left for stereo listeners), backed by big brass and rhythm (to the right in stereo). The soloists involved: Don Fagerquist, trumpet; Dave Wells and Lou McCreay alternating on bass trumpet; Paul Horn, alto sax/flute; Justin Gordon, tenor sax/piccolo.

Also from the back cover: Bag, like certain other words, has a slightly different meaning depending on how it's used. For example, just as to dig can mean to understand, to admire, to agree; bag can mean style, approach, even a way of life. Here, "Bill's Bag" is his approach to charting the cool groove for big band and the fine style with which he carries if off.

From Billboard - June 22, 1963: Bright, sharp, punching big band work touched with the May sense of humor and swing is the order of the day on this LP. There's much here that middle of the road and hip no-40 stations can find as programming material. It's bright, big band work in a modern groove. "Whisper Not," "Filet Of Soul," "The Preacher" and "Late Late Show" are fine.

Children Of The Night
Uh! Oh!
The Preacher
Playboy's Theme
The Late, Late Show
Dat Dere
Filet Of Soul
Whisper Not
Miles Behind
My Little Suede Shoes
Shiny Stockings

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