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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Protest In Percussion - The West Virginia University Percussion Ensemble

Fugue In D Major
Prostest In Percussion
The West Virginia University Percussion Ensemble
Conducted by Philip J. Faini
Cover Design by Peter McWhorter
Century Records 27981


James Mitenbeger - Piano
Clyde English - Organ

Members of The Ensemble

James Armentrout
John Barker
Galen Byrd
Kenneth Clelland
James Jackson
Ernest Manack
Frank Perry
David Platt
Ted Smith
Holt Theis
Michael Theis
Linda Whiteman

From the back cover: The percussion ensemble heard on this album demonstrates a facet of percussion training at W.V.U. which is not apparent to the average concert goer - that of "popular" percussion music. This type of percussion music is not often heard on campuses because of the emphasis on percussion "art" music in the formal concerts through-out the academic year.

Hence, "Protest In Percussion" affords an opportunity to show the results of percussion training in popular music, which makes up such a large segment of the professional demands made of percussionists in the music world today.
Also from the back cover: Philip J. Faini is a product of the Creative Arts Center, Division of Music, at West Virginia University, where he received his Bachelor of Music Degree in both Applied Percussion and Music Education and a Masters degree in Theory and Composition. He has studied percussion with Roy C. Knapp, Jose Bethancourt, Irvin Honsa, Harvey Biscun, and Frank Lorince. His professional career includes radio, television, symphony as well as work with a number of name bands and singers. He was also a staff member at the Fred Waring Music Workshop at Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania. He has had a continuing career as a professional arranger and has composed and arranged numerous works for Band, Orchestra, and Percussion. Since 1960, Mr. Faini has been on the staff of the Division of Music at West Virginia University.

Where Or When
The Little G Minor Fugue
W.V.U. Satin Doll
Tijuana Taxi
Peter Gunn
Prelude In F Minor
Fugue In D Major
Spanish Flea
Comin' Home

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