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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Twilight Time - The Three Suns

Out Of This World
Twilight Time
The Three Suns
Rondo-lette A14

From the back cover: One of America's most popular musical groups is the Three Suns known non-professionally as Al and Mort Nevin, and their cousin, Art Dunn. The boys have been playing together since 1939, when they secured their first job at the Adelphia Hotel in Philadelphia, playing in the then strange combination of guitar, organ and accordion. A little more than a year after their debut, the trio came to New York in November, 1940 and were booked at the Piccadilly Hotel, where their success was so great that they remained for a full decade

Explanation of their success is difficult. It has been said that they play the kind of music people want to hear at a time when people want to hear it. In other words they posses a sixth sense as to what will be popular and play just that. Since the tremendous smash hits the trio scored, many similar combinations have come into being, but have offered virtually no competition to the already established Three Suns. The group got its name when the mother of Al and Mort greeted the inseparable three one by saying "Here comes my three son." The boys felt the title was excellent for their professional name with the change of one letter in the name of sons, the group was born.

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Out Of This World
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Twilight Time
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