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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

How To Belly Dance - Jodette

Hip Movement
How To Belly Dance
The Authentic Way
For Fun! Health! Profit!
Taught by Jodette Silhi (Kamelia)
It's Fun - Best Way To Reduce Weight - Completel Exercise For Your Body And Mind!
Full Instructions Enclosed - Including How To Make Your Own Costume
Art By George Silhi

History OF Belly Dancing And Five Common Cymbal Patterns
Lesson #1 – The Entrance
Lesson #2 – Hip Movement
Lesson #3 – Shaking The Hips
Lesson #4 – Shaking The Stomach
Lesson #5 – Belly Movement
Lesson #6 – Bust Movement
Lesson #7 – Neck Movement
Lesson #8 – Floor Act
Lesson #9 – Traditional Belly Dance Yell
Musical Instruments Used In Belly Dancing

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