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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Strictly Belly Dancing - Eddie Kochak

4/4 Tempos & Chiftitellis
Strictly Belly Dancing
The 3rd Volume
Eddie "The Sheik" Kochak
With Hakki Obadia
Cover Dancer: Habeeba, Dance Of The Art, Inc. - Columbus, Ohio
Cover & Liner Photographer: Dennis Lasker
Writer & Advisor: James J. Glayat
West End Music Industries
Ameraba AM-2500

Eddie Kochak - Rhythm - Tempos
Hakki Obadia - Violin - Conductor - Arrangers
Freddie Elias - Violin
Mazin (Saleem) Hamdan - Oud
Chuck (Khaleel) Hallal - Dirbakee
George Marge - Woodwinds - Oboe - Flute
Sal Auglieri - Organ (Farfissa)
Don De Marco - Electric Guitar

From the back cover: We would like to thank Samiha Koura, owner of Ibis, 151 East 50th St. N.Y.C. for her courtesy in allowing us to photograph at her beautiful club which features an international floor show and authentic oriental dancers.

Medley Of 4/4
Rhumba For Veil Work
Medium/Fast Balady
Medley Of Medium Tempos
Floor Work Slow Chifti
Faster Chifti
No Tempo Floor Work
Exciting (Mijwiz) Balady Finale
Medium Drums & Medley
4/4 Tempos & Chiftitellis (Fast To Slow)
More Exciting Medley - Lots Of (Hel-Ah-Wah)
Kashlimar Ameraba - Drums And Zils
Balady & 4/4 Tempos - Finale

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