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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Music For Belly-Dancing - Ahmed Shiba

Music For Belly-Dancing
Ahmed Shiba And His Ensemble
Music Of Many Lands
Request Records, Inc. - Hollywood, Florida
SRLP 10122

From the back cover: Ahmed Shiba and his group hail from Iraq. His father was a lute player who taught him to play this instrument at the age of five. Now, Ahmed Shiba and his musicians have traveled the Mideast and through the exclusive nightclubs of Europe, specializing in the accompaniment of Belly Dancers. There is hardly a star in this field, who, at one time or another, has not sought the art of Ahmed Shiba.

Ja Mustapha (Hey, Mustapha - a name)
Susu (Girl's name
Jurulem (Passion)
Zuruni (Visit me)
Mansura (Victorious)
Bent L Shalabijah
Ghuzajel (The Beauty)
Ammer Jamuammer (Wonderful, Too Wonderful)
Samer (Alone)
Bahija (A Girl's Name)
Layla ( A Girl's Name)
Jamal (Young Love)

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