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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The Herd Rides Again - Woody Herman

The Herd Rides Again
Woody Herman
Everest Hi-Fi LP
A Product Of Belock Recording
A Division Of Block Instrument Corporation

From the back cover: These are the players: Chubby Jackson, bass; Billy Bauer, guitar; Don Lamond, drums; Nat Pierce, piano; reeds – Sam Marowitz, Al Cohn, Sam Donahue, Paul Quinichette, Danny Bank; trombones – Bob Brookmeyer, Frank Rehab, Billy Byers, trumpets – Ernie Royal, Bernie Glow, Al Stewart, Nick Travis and Irving Markowitz. Burt Collins and Bernie Privin replaced Glow and Travis on some numbers. Nat Piece was the invaluable music co-ordinator, finding original arrangements, filling in missing parts, and otherwise building bridges. He was assisted by Fed Carlin,. Basically, the arrangements are as they were then – a tribute, by the way, to the durable freshness of much of the writing for that First Herd.

From Billboard - December 1, 1958: Very often the "class reunion" kind of recording session doesn't come off; this one is a notable exception. Aided by most of the key men in the famed "First Herd," maestro Herman has himself a real ball with oldies like "Caldonia" and "I Cover The Water Front," and the effect of the big driving band in stereo is a real stopper. Should delight all of Woody's regular aficionados, and create a lot of new ones.

Northwest Passage
The Good Earth
Blowin' Up A Storm
It's Coolin' Time
I Cover The Waterfront
Crazy Rhythm
Sinbad The Sailor
Fire Island
Black Orchid

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