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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Echoes Of Hawaii - Benny Kalama

Echoes Of Hawaii
Benny Kalama and The Hawaiian Village Serenaders
Authentic Hawaiian Mood Music Recorded In Hawaii
Decca Records DL 8261

From the back cover: Benny Kalama, one of the most popular musician arrangers and conductors, has been entertaining and playing all of the Hawaiian instruments (and also the trombone) for more than 20 years. Most of his appearances have been in Hawaii, although he toured the mainland with the Royal Hawaiian Serenaders. He is currently appearing in Honolulu as leader of the Hawaiian Village Serenaders and his previous night club and hotel engagements include such places as he Royal Hawaiian Hotel, Don, the Beachcomer, Kewalo Inn, La Hula Rumba, Moana Hotel and others. He is also heard quite frequently on the "Hawaii Calls" broadcast, Kalama is presently conducting and arranging for Alfred Apaka, the Bing Crosby of the Island as well as other artists who headline the floor shows and appear nightly at the Hawaiian Village.

Featured on steel guitar with Benny Kalama is Jules Cyril Ah See, born in Lahaina Maui of Chinses-Hawaiian descent, known professional as "Sonny" Ah See. Sonny plays ukulele and bass, as well as steel guitar. and is often heard on "Hawaii Calls." He has appeared in many of the well-known clubs and is featured throughout this album with the Hawaiian Village Serenaders.

Akaka Falls
The Old Plantation
Kamalani O Keaukaha
Makala Pua
Kau Lana O Hilo Hana Ko Hi
Ua Like No A Like
Kuu Ipo Ka Hee Pue One
He Mana'o He Aloha
Ha 'Lail
Holoholo Kaa (Car Ride Hula)


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