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Friday, January 5, 2018

Near East Brass - Jerry Fielding

Near East Brass
West Coast Style
Jerry Fielding And His Orchestra
Musical Arrangements: Jerry Fielding
Originated and Produced by Loren Becker, Robert Byrne and Robert Thiele
Art Director: Daniel Pezza
Stereo and Monaural Mastering: George Piros
Command ABC Records
RS 922 SD

From the inside, book fold jacket: Jerry Fielding has poured everything into his arrangements. The music is Greek, Turkish, Iranian and Russian. Composers such as Gliere and Borodinn are represented. Broadway and the film world are here. The exotic stringed instruments are here. The brass is here. When Jerry Fielding puts them all together, a strange and tantalizing new music emerges – and the unusual rhythms seem to swing as readily as the familiar 4/4 beat as East and West are joined on an exciting musical common ground.

Never On Sunday
Pende Patienta
Sailors Dance
Gole Gandom
Illya Darling (From the musical "Illya Darling")
Theme from Zobra The Greek
The Uplifted Veil Of A Downhearted Frail
Baubles, Bangles & Beads (from "Kismet")

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