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Monday, March 30, 2015

Beat Tropicale

Beat Tropicale
Latin Rhythms by Jose Bethancourt and His Orchestra
Saveage Drum Fantasy featuring Richard Campbell and Harry H. Coon

Available at your usual pay-for-download sources, so I will not be posting a sample.

Today we feature this feisty color cover art that advertised a tasty "tropical" set that was released to compete for a piece of the hot period "exotica" market. A split set left me favoring side two, which is the more "experimental", or more adventurously arranged side.

From the back cover: A note on personnel: Richard Campbell was winner of the famous Gene Kuppa drum contest, back in the '40s; his active career has included a U.S.O. tour through South America and Africa, where he studied authentic native rhythms such as are used on this tape. Harry H. Coon toured with the great Ben Bernie band, winning wide acclaim from musicians as well as the public from his sensational drumming. In composing this tape, Messer, Campbell and Coon worked closely with engineer James Cunningham, himself a musician, to achieve new and unusual effects.

Inspiraion - N. E. Paulos
Cha-Cha-Cha - Mario de Jesus
Cactus Polka
La Cumparsa - E. Lecunona
Jungle Flute - Jose Bethancourt

Savage Drum Fantasy

Watusi A. P. B.
Masai Rumble
Tumbatu Tintintambula
Tombs Of Cameroon
Bantu Bonce
Kikuyu Strut
Mombassa Bombilation
Nairobi Mambo
Ubangi Boom
Breezy Zambezi
Specter of the Zulu Goddess
Sumbawanga Rattatto

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