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Monday, March 30, 2015

Accordion de Paris - Jo Basile

Mom Homme
Accordion de Paris
Jo Basile, his Accordion and Orchestra
Audio Fidelity
AFLP 1815

Sometimes I don't care what the set sounds like. It's enough that I've found a great looking jacket. In this case, the cover features another example of an accordion player and lady of the evening enjoying their bad habits. There must be a reason why this type of image is frequently associated with Paris and accordion players. The back cover is literally filled with 9pt. copy fluff that attempts to illustrate what Paris sidewalk cafes are all about. But there is no mention as to why the cafes are over run with street walkers and badass accordion players.

The set is traditional and the engineering, excellent

Comme Ci Comme Ca – Tout Ca
Fleur De Paris
April In Paris – I Love Paris
Boum Musette
Ballade De Rabouine
Piano De Pauvre
Mademoiselle De Pairs
L'ame Des Poetes
Mon Homme
Raiion De Musette
Le Denicheur
Pigalle-Le Seine

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