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Friday, November 14, 2014

My Foolish Heart - Betty Smith

My Foolish Heart
The Betty Smith Group
Accompaniment Directed by Malcolm Lockyer
London ffss PS 136

Obituary excerpt: Her trip to the States had whet her appetite and she returned with the quintet, touring on the same programme as Bill Haley's Comets. Her record of "Bewitched" reached the American hit parade. She proved skilled at finding work and the quintet played summer seasons in Guernsey and other places. The group had a residency on the liner Franconia and she played and sang – for she was a good vocalist – with the Ted Heath Orchestra. She did a lot of radio and television work and for a while had her own radio programme on Radio Luxembourg.

Read Betty Smith's full obituary.

My Foolish Heart
Down Among The Sheltering Palms
Sleepy Lagoon
The Faithful Hussar
Autumn Nights
Maria, My Own
Indian Summer
Song Of The Boulevards
Galway Blues
Blue Blues
Forgotten Dreams

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