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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Music To Turn You On - Pete Fountain

Music To Watch Girls By
Music To Turn You On
Pete Fountain
Arranged and Produced by Charles "Bud" Dant
Coral CRL 757496

From the back cover: The simple, and simply delightful, fact about today's pop music scene is that there are any number of ways to turn one on. There are many ways, yes, but only a small fraction of talent on the contemporary music scene possesses the means to do so. Maybe the secret is not to let musical fads and fancies slip you by, for even the most seemingly harmless of new pop music approaches may hold the seed buds of greatness. The past decade or so has revealed as much, time and time again.

Pete Fountain, as this happy and romantic album bears out, is soundly tuned in to what is surely the most sophisticated pop music generation ever.

Throughly Modern Millie
The Eyes Of Love
Music To Turn You On
This Is My Song
Casino Royale
Tiger Rag
Somethin' Stupid
Music To Watch Girls By
Bourbon Street Parade

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