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Friday, November 14, 2014

The Songs Of Will Hudson & Eddie De Lange - Johnny Guarnieri

The Songs Of Will Hudson & Eddie De Lange
Johnny Guarnieri
Coral Records CRL 57085

Arnold Fishkind, bass
Mundell Lowe, guitar
Denzil De Costa, drums
Barry Gailbraith, guitar
Eddie Safranski, bass
Donald Lamond, drums

From Feb. 9, 1957 Billboard: Even the Guarnieri fans could be disappointed by this set. Few of the tunes by this writer team can claim to be "immortal," and Hudson's several swing band novelties such as…
Unfortunately, Billboard's pasteup department failed to flow, or ran out of space because of an ad and simply did not flow the rest of the copy so we will never know why they, somewhat uncharacteristically, seem to trash this set.

This is a fine LP based on my experience with mid-50s period small combo jazz albums. There is a soft timeless bluesy groove to enjoy. The artist's craft is excellent and to top it off, Coral's engineering is excellent featuring rich bass and sparkling piano/guitar passages.

The period over the first "i" in Guarnieri's name is missing on the front cover. None-the-less… this is a fine example of mid-50s cover design.

Organ Grinders Swing
Don't Kiss Me Again
By The Great Horn Spoon
White Heat
Hobo On Park Avenue
Sophisticated Swing
With All My Heart And Soul
Midnight At The Onyx
The Least Little Thing You Do

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