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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Bright New World - The New Hope

Medley: The Path Of Love and Love Can Make You Happy
A Bright New World
The New Hope
Light Records LS-5523-LP

I wasn't sure which blog to post this treasure in. Appearing In The Motel Lounge, The Good, Bad & Ugly Gospel Record Barn or up here in The Atomic Attic.

The release is on Light, which, I believe is better know as a Christian/gospel label. There are a few popular "lounge" tunes on the record and the remaining tunes are more-or-less "sunshine pop". I've seen the producer's name, Ralph Carmichael attached to more than one "sunshine pop" project.

From the back cover: Note that the music on this album has a positive feeling about it. That's our NEW HOPE... not ignoring the problems we face in our world today, but know as youth, we can conquer them.

Frankly... the album is out-of-control... just the way we like it up here in The Attic. It's hard to beat the sample tune above for featuring something a little fast... a little slow... a little something fantastic!

However, you might like to listen to More Today Than Yesterday, today... Appearing In The Motel Lounge.

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