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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

36 Today The Now Sound Of Young Music

Yellow Submarine
Have You Seen Your Mother
Baby, Standing In The Shadows
Psychotic Reaction
36 Today
The Now Sound Of Young Music
Columbia Record Club
P2S 5104

Cover albums are generally found on budget labels. Although, like this two record set, I have found a few produced by Columbia. To be fair... Columbia does their best to make reasonably good "sound-alikes. But still... there is no way to be successful in all instances.

Sorry if the audio is a bit rough. This copy I found was well played.


  1. this is not too bad, as far as 'cover albums' go - i kinda must have a weak spot for these 'unnamed' artists, who do their best to sound like the originals :-)

    but! i think the track 'Have You Seen Your Mother' is incorrectly labelled. of course, it's half the title of the stones' hit, but it has definitely nothing to do with your mother, and whether you've seen her or not.

    i've no idea what the correct song title is, though ... maybe you could see into this?

    keep up the good work. what you share is not always my cuppa tea, but i find great joy in tasting your offerings :-) thanks!

    1. I do mix up titles... but, in this case, I seem to remember wondering myself about this track title when I listened. I'm not sure what to make of it.

    2. Gee the first verse is Have You Seen Mother Baby not sure where the confusion is oh well you had to be there in 66 a good sized hit when marijuana was just getting known good combination top 40 radio and smokin' dope

    3. Oh I see the track titled Have You Seen Your Mother is actually The Great Airplane Strike originally by Paul Revere and the Raiders Ed

  2. The Columbia Record Club sent this as an "automatic selection" when you don't pick anything...I was away at camp (or something) and my father dropped the ball. Anyway as a member of this "exclusive club" I've always valued this absolutely awful album (set) as an entertaining example of off-the-chart bad. I would be curious to know who were the musicians. Probably NY studio people who, who knows, may have gone on to better things (?)


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