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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

TV Jazz Themes - Skip Martin

TV Jazz Themes
The Video All-Stars
Conducted By Skip Martin
Stereo Fidelity (Somerset)
Album SF-8800

I was happy to find this album if only to collect the cover image by George Pico. Somerset was a budget label that managed to release some pretty good stuff from time to time. This recording has to be one of the better Somerset albums I've collected.

D. L. Miller thought enough of the project to list all of the musicians on the back cover as follows:

First Session: Gus Bivona, Paul Horn, Bob Copper, Red Mitchell, Jimmy Rowles, Gene Sherry, Pete Terry, Joe Triscari, Dick Nash, Frank Rosoling, George Roberts, Jimmy McGee, Joe Howard and Jules Jacob.

Second Session: Shelly Manne, Al Henderickson, Gus Bivona, Paul Horn, Red Mitchell, Bob Cooper, Pete Terry, Joe Triscari, Jules Jacob, Ray Linn, Gene Estes, Don Fagerquist, Jimmy Salko, Joe Howard, Dick Nash, Frank Rosolino, George Roberts, Larry Bunker, Jimmy Rowles, Vince Terri, Pete Candoli, Gene Sherry, Jimmy Mcgee, Conrad Gozzo, Frank Beach and Irv Cottler.

The April 20, 1959 Billboard mentions that the musicians appearing on this project as "top-flight".

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  1. Top flight & then some! Conrad Gozzo was the first-call lead trumpet for most LA recording sessions (how good did you have to be for that?), Frank Rosolino was one of the greatest jazz trombonists, Irv Cottler was Frank Sinatra's drummer, etc etc


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