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Monday, March 12, 2012

The Now Sounds Of Today

Disco Movie - Patrick Nelson
Push And Shout - Lorenzo Jones
America The Beautiful
The Now Sounds Of Today
Columbine Records

When do rock, blues or disco songs sound unlike rock, blues or disco songs? For the most part, when they are songs found on a song poem album.

Featured Columbine vocalists on this set are Kay Weaver and Ralph Lowe. Apparently Columbine didn't have enough submission to fill out the album so they threw in a few public domain tunes, including America The Beautiful to fill out the sides.


  1. The song poem industry was/is also called "song sharks". It's an old variation on the even older vanity press scam. The most famous example is Ramsey Kearney ( an otherwise random hired singer) and a deliberately bad attempt called "A Blind Man's P****". (I'm on a work computer so must be compliant.)

    The most successful song to ever come out of a precursor to songsharking is probably "I'll Never Smile Again", a sappy tune Frank Sinatra made a #1 hit during WWII.

  2. Thanks! Never heard the term "Song Sharks". At least one song made it. LOL!


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