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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pearls Of Love - The Players

Pearls Of Love (Sample Track)
Full Album
Pearls Of Love
The Players
Liberty LPR 3027

Here's an early Liberty album, number 27 as listed on Liberty's discography. And as usual, for Liberty, this is a fine space age album. Of course, the gem of a cheesecake cover (photo by Gene Lesser) was worth the price of the LP to me.

As you can tell from the sample above, the vibe is sort of Three Suns spacey easy listening. The Players may have been studio musicians assembled to make this one album. I couldn't track down any info on the group.


  1. a slow-tempo waltz with melancholic accordéon - most wunnerful! thank you for posting! (and i wouldn't mind a second soundbite to see if it's as good as the title track *nudge, nudge, grin*)

    1. I almost posted a tango... but that track and all the remaining track, while in keeping with the spacey vibe... seemed to pale in comparison the mystery carnival tune.


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