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Monday, March 26, 2012

Imported From France - George Rosner

Imported From France
George Rosner
Piano solos with rhythm accompaniment
Coral Records CRL 57199

From the back cover: Acclaimed in all the capitals of Europe, with a command performance before King Michael of Rumania to his credit, Mr. Rosner arrived in the United States with a solid and impressive background of success. Since, he has appeared in the finest supper clubs and hotels, captivating audiences from coast to coast with his sparkling and sensitive keyboard artistry.

A lounge record whose best feature is the cheesecake cover image. Sides consists of one track, or a medley of tunes that could have come direct from Rosner's nightclub act. From time to time someone briefly plays an electric guitar that seems out-of-place.


  1. cheesecake imported from la douce france, that makes perfect sense, me thinks ... :-)

    i wouldn't mind hearing one of the sides, as a sample sosaytospeak - after all, france is just around the corner from where i live, hehe.

    ah well - only post it if you've got time to spare (and thanks for all previous samples! jolly 'ood!)

    1. I love cheesecake from France, of course! You know... I thought about pulling out a sample of one side, but the segments were very short and I didn't think that they could stand on their own. And, trying to be nice here because all tastes are different... the music just didn't merit posting an entire side.


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