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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Music To Strip By - Bob Freeman

Music To Strip By
Bob Freeman
Surprise 101

This obscure album originally came with a real "G" string on the cover. Notches were cut on both sides to hold the underwear in place. I was able to find an image of the original cover. Which also demonstrates that the album was released in stereo.

Strip Blues
This is bump and grind music... but the sound is not as "sleazy" lounge as it could be. And a few tunes even rise above the hammering drum beat to play more like a 60s private eye TV track.


  1. Hey could you place this entire album online? This album is not to be found anywhere.

  2. I had this album years ago; and the g-string on the cover for my album was green. So it shows that there were a variety of colors for each g-string on each album. Can you post the full track listing of the album?

    1. A green cover? Cool. Sorry, I try to list tracks... I don't know why I skipped this one. Finding the LP again in my stack of boxes... not easy...


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