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Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Fantastic Plastic Machine - Harry Betts

The Fantastic Plastic Machine
Music Composted And Conducted By Harry Betts
Epic BN 26469

Here's an obscure and cool album. A the set was a soundtrack created for a documentary involving the adventures of a group of surfers narrated by Jay North. Score by jazz saxophonist Harry Betts.

From the back cover: They go out, these two straight off guys with the dubious dream and their life's savings tucked into film, equipment and airfare... like one of those funko Disney cornflake flicks... the two lovable kooks go out, do this thing and make it... and well they did... and that's "Machine".

Theme From ‘The Fantastic Plastic Machine’
Endless Bummer
Night Flight
Day Groovin’
Straight Ahead
Rock Slide
Nat’s Theme
Outta Sight
Green Grotto
Long Reef

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