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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Meet Mexie Marlowe

One For My Baby
Meet Mexie Marlowe
King 799

The only info I could find, while doing an online search for Mexie Marlowe came from a blurb found in Billboard Magazine, November 24, 1962: Mexie Marlowe is a young thrush with a touch of Nina Simone's unusual style plus a few sounds of her own. She has definite possibilities and she show off her vocal stylings on "I Cover The Waterfront," One From My Baby." I Hade The Craziest Dream" and "All The Way." Worth a listen.

From the back cover: From the age of fourteen, she was advised many times to sing like singers who were in the limelight at the time, but even as a youngster, she refused to mimic or copy any other singer, saying, "If you want to hear me sing, you will have to listen to me, as I will not copy any one else. I will always sing naturally in my own style".

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