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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Sound Of Sight - Ray Martin

The Sound Of Sight
Music For An Experiment in Imagination
Composed and Conducted by Ray Martin
Phase 4 Stereo Spectacular
Decca PFS 4043

Available for purchase on combo CD with Memories Are Made of Music. So I will not be posting a sample.

The CD doesn't feature the complete Jack Davis cover illustration. So here you have it.

I've got several Ray Martin albums. His covers album of James Bond tunes is stellar. Check out the track titled Goldfinger.

This album is highly entertaining. It starts off a tad slow but gets whacked quickly. The concept is to create sonic stories with orchestra and sound effects. Like a movie soundtrack without dialog. I'm not sure if the experiment was entirely successful... but the approach does present us with some "music" that reflects the playful nature of the Davis illustration.

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