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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sizzling Strings - Castanets - Percussion

Solea Canastrea - Soleares
Sizzling Strings - Castanets - Percussion
Don Luis Quintero and the Madrid Festival Orchestra, plus the Mario Valero Dancers and guitarist Jose Alvarez
Directional Sound DS-5007
Premier Album

Apparently Premier (a budget label) decided to compete with the success of Command Records in the early 60s "with a few "percussion" projects of their own. The jacket is a "Command-like" gatefold.

There is no "percussion" or "ping-pong" on this album. The track titles include great tunes like Granada, Espana and Ravel's Bolero... but they do not deliver the goods as advertised.

And apparently there were not enough "Luis" tracks in the can so DS threw in one Flamenco dance and guitar track they had on the shelf. They are dramatically different in tone from the rest of the music. However, in my opinion, the Alvarez track is the high point so I'll post that as the sample.


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