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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Goldfinger - Ray Martin And His Orchestra

Goldfinger And Other Music From James Bond Thrillers
Ray Martin And His Orchestra
RCA Camden CAL-913

This is the mono release. The stereo catalog number is CAS-913.

Spy/Secret Agent albums always grab my attention, so I was pleased when I found this sucker at thrift.

Within seconds of the first track I was totally hooked. Lets just say Neal Hefti's two "Batman" albums are my favorite "high art" space age groove/cheese styled recordings. I never thought that I'd find another album that I could compare to those records.

This LP is a must have and I about threw my latest Gunter Gallmann find across the room when I discovered that this record can't be found on CD/purchase/download. It's almost unbelievable.

So I'll post a sample. Of course... I may have to sit here for several weeks trying to pick the "best" tune. All the tunes on this album are terrific so I'll have to go with the title track.


  1. This is epic! It's the kiss of death, from Mister Goldfinger!

  2. That is just an outstanding score! I would love to find a copy of this!! GREAT cover!

  3. tink...You can get a copy here :)



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