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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Star Wars - Don Ellis

Music From Other Galaxies And Planets
Featuring The Main Title Theme From Star Wars
Don Ellis And Survival
Atlantic SD 18227

What?!! Another Star Wars theme album blogged in The Atomic Attic this week? The Force works in mysterious ways my friends.

This album can be found on CD so I will not be posting a sample. I noted when checking for a CD on Amazon that someone connected with the Ellis estate posted an interesting review. Basically, this album was thrown together in six days because of some contractual deal with Atlantic. The reviewer apologizes for the album because of the hurried nature of the production and that he feels the quality is not as good as other Ellis albums.

This being the first Ellis album I've stumbled across... I can't compare it to his other work. I simply enjoyed the record because it all at once, very 70s (like adventure TV theme music)... but with touches of 60s light pop mixed up with pop jazz passages and, of course a touch of space. The music is an interesting hybrid that I think lovers of 70s/60s/jazz/disco/a touch of space albums will love... er... if you know what I mean.

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  1. Yes The Force seems to be with us, as people clean out their garages!


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