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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Folkdance Underground

Kostursko Opo (Macedonia)
Folkdance Underground

Curious private press with a home-made cover. The record content, according to the cover, is copyright free material which was assembled onto 200 copies costing $1.75 each. Copies were being sold for $2 to help pay for the pressing so that the responsible collective could give away free copies to "folkdance" groups.

There is a complaint at the outset of the copy which goes on about one nameless record merchant (who apparently they all know) who was appropriating music without consent, pressing and selling 45s and profiting from sales without compensating the artists. This person so incensed these people that they former the Folkdance Underground to help guide other performers through a fair record making process and to help with the ins and outs of personal appearances.

Click on the image above to read the entire page.


  1. Insane little private press! Strange as hell!

  2. I haven't seen Rick in years but I still teach with his records.

  3. The "Copyright" problem was on Volume 2 with the Bretagne dance Bannielou Lambaol. Everything was done as above board as the International copyrights allowed. There were 5 volumes published and the Pečurka was formed to record with no problems, like the Nama orchestra.

  4. Just picked up vol. 3 of the same! Included another great tirade, indicating that this would be the last F.U. recording he'd do. Great note at the bottom insisting that the record not be sold for more than $2. I'd love to hear vol. 1; the 3rd one is a treat.

    1. Sounds fantastic! Thanks for sharing! Cheers! M


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