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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Jungle Odyssey

Jungle Odyssey
Evolution/ RPM Records, South Africa 2005

When I found this album in the bin at the thrift... I almost put it back because the cover and song titles suggests that the album is a childrens record. I then noted on the back cover a list of instruments used in the recording that included Vibes, Xylophone, Congo Drums, Clavinette, Harpsichord and Bongos. How could any record go wrong with a set up like that?

If I had read the too small jacket notes I would have then learned that a composer/arranger by the name of Mike Simpson, a 30 year veteran of the music business, had produced this album. Simpson worked with the likes of Henry Mancini, Gene Krupa, Jack Teagarden and Danny Kaye and had written music for TV and films. THEN I would have figured out that the record was originally marketed to adults. Not that children would not LOVE this record!

Unfortunately I can't post a sample because this album is available for purchase/download. Too bad, because this record is so crazy good! You've got to get a copy! The vibe is hard to describe... It is like Exotica was visiting the zoo one day. She was walking along minding her own business, intently sucking on a lime Slurpee.  Suddenly she trips over a jungle root blocking her path finds herself flung headlong into a pit swarming with 60s Ping-Pong Light-Pop. The creatures don't rip her to shreds... rather they mate with her. Later she gives birth to this record.

I think that is clear enough.


  1. AWESOME description of the record! Now I must own it.

  2. Indeed, a fine record. A classic example of how the cover just doesn't do the record justice!


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