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Monday, June 13, 2011

At Home With The Barry Sisters

At Home With The Barry Sisters
Roulette R 25060

Available for purchase online so I will not be posting a sample.

From the back cover: These are Jewish melodies that are indigenous to Jewish culture, just as any songs of any culture or nation must of necessity be. The songs run the gamut of every human emotion; songs of love and devotion, of laughter and sadness, of remembrance of things past and of hope for the future. It is for that reason that although the girls sing in Yiddish, they are in truth speaking musically in a universal language.

To my surprise, the recording is not "folk" music, but inventive late 50s pop arrangements. There is nothing dull about this recording. The copy got it right, the girls are speaking a musical language that anyone who digs space age music can enjoy.


  1. I've seen records by them often but never thought it would be of interest! I'll have to try something by them!

  2. I have this LP, sealed in plastic, never opened.


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