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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Doin' The Twist - The Twisters

Twister's Blues
Doin' The Twist
The Twisters
Treasure TLP 890

I can not find any information on who The Twisters were. Treasure Records, as far as I can tell from the back cover, was a budget label operating out of Mount Vernon, New York.

The "Peppermint Lounge" is mentioned, as an advertising gimmick on the front cover. This dates the album to 1960 - 62 when the Twist fad was in full swing.


  1. Treasure Records was perhaps the cheapest of the cheap. I've found this article in Billboard :

    "Duckers give low prices bad name"

    "The current action against Treasure Records, indicentally, was partly triggered by complaints of other low price line representatives attenting the recent NARM manufacturer meetings in Chicago. These representatives, noting the presence at the meetings of Treasure personnel, complained that they were unable to compete with the firm because of its extra-low price structure, which they felt was possible only through alleged nonpayment of royalties."

    Billboard October 6, 1962

    link :

  2. VERY fabulous and actually sounds like it's warped or off center.


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