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Friday, February 19, 2010

Fantastica Music From Outer Space - Russ Garcia

Music From Outer Space
Arranged by Russ Garcia
Electronic Effects: Ted Keep
Producer: Simon Jackson
Cover Design: Garrett Howard
Liberty LRP 3084

Fantastica is a wonderful blend of science fiction movie sounds effects and soundtrack styled orchestration.

Of course, you can't please everyone. A critic at the time of release, Ralph Gleason didn't care for this project saying that it was "More like the soundtrack of a horror movie than anything else".

Garcia creates an outer-space journey for the listener by blending one track magically into the next so that you can sit back, close your eyes and float effortlessly through the set!

From Billboard - March 31, 1958: A fine mood set by the orkster. The selections all have outer space titles and are nicely orchestrated with well-controlled instrumental gimmicks. Tempos are nicely varied. A good set for jocks and one that can enjoy good sales.

Music From Outer Space
Russ Garcia
Liberty LST 7005

Sound effects on this stereo release travel from channel to channel to help make for an even spacier  trip through space! Awesome!

Into Space
Nova (Exploding Star)
Lost Souls Of Saturn
Monsters Of Jupiter
Water Creatures Of Astra
Red Sand Of Mars
Goofy Peepl Of Phobos
Volcanoes Of Mercury
Birth Of A Planet
Frozen Neptune
Moon Rise


  1. This is JUST wonderful! Beautiful!

  2. Just bought and listened to the 1959 original Liberty stereo vinyl LP. Great conceptual anthem for the dawn of The Space Age!


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