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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Symphony Of The Golden West - Buddy Bregman


Song Of The Golden West

Buddy Bregman Presents
Symphony Of The Golden West
Brussels World's Fair Pop Symphony Orchestra
Photography: H. Armstrong Roberts
Cover Assembly: Hobco Arts
Crown Records STEREO CST 117

From the back cover: One of the brightest young and talented composers, arrangers and conductors to flash on the musical scene is Buddy Bregman. Slight, slim and most unassuming, this talented young man comes from a family tradition that surges with talent. His uncle, Julie Styne, from example, has won three Oscars for his talent.

Buddy Bregman, ignoring this heritage of greatness, has been determined to win his musical way alone and on his own talents... and this he has done.

Needless to say he is well founded in the musical tradition of the past with a more than somewhat awareness of the present; and the problems that a young arranger, composer and conductor faces. He has met all of these and conquered them.

Buddy Bergman is one of the true young bright talents that have come on the musical scene of late. As you will note in this refreshing new album especially recorded for Crown Records. – Frank Evans

Song Of The Golden West
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  1. I've had this album for years.. also the open reel tape.. some of the arrangements are achingly beautiful...


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