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Sunday, June 26, 2022

Passport To Romance - Percy Faith


Bonjour Tristesse

Passport To Romance
Percy Faith And His Orchestra
Columbia Records CL 880

From Billboard - June 30, 1956: Columbia's July pop Buy-of-the-Month is standout programming for romantic mood music segs on jockey shows. Faith provides rich, lushly melodic instrumental interpretations of 12 European themes, including several already well known to this country – "Moritat," "Heart Of Paris," "The Little Lost Dog," etc. The cover is eye-catching and keyed to the LP's travel theme, thereby affording opportunities for display-tie-ups with local travel agencies.

Bonjour Tristesse
Heart Of Paris
Bread, Love And Dreams
Little Bells And Big Bells
The Little Lost Dog
Portuguese Washerwoman
Sierra Madre

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