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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Soft And Subtle - The Guitars, Inc.

Lazy Afternoon
Soft And Subtle
The Guitars, Inc.
Cover Photo: Peter Samerjan
Warner Bros. Records, Inc. BS 1246

From the back cover: Numerous requests to identify The Guitars, Inc., prompt us at this time to reveal them. Individually, they represent the finest guitarists on either coast. Collectively, the music they make is even more appealing. Included are Al Hendrickson (courtesy Columbia Records), Bob Howe, Bobby Gibbons, Tommy Tedesco and Bill Pitman – quite an aggregation you'll agree.

From Billboard - February 2, 1959: A mellow guitar sound by the string quartet is their distinguishing feature. Tho tempos and types of tune are varied, the set becomes a bit dull after a few tracks. In stereo an appealing effect is achieved on some of the ballads. Fair prospects.

El Cumbanchero
Hajji Baba
Lazy Afternoon
In An Eighteenth Century Drawing Room
Nature Boy
Get Happy
It Don't Mean A Thing
Our Waltz
Paganini's Progress

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