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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Swingin' Abroad - Frank Ortega

The Swedish Rhapsody
Swingin' Abroad
The Frank Ortega Trio
Produced by Morty Palitz
Photograph: Charles Varon
Cover Design: Sy Leichman
Jubilee Records JLP 1080
A Product of Jay-Gee Record Co., Inc.

"Stereo Sonic" sticker applied to front cover.

From the back cover: The Frank Ortega Trio add up to three serious musicians, playing in a happy style. Frank is no mis-placed concert artist, though he qualifies, in technique and training and feeling. Frank was born in Los Angeles in 1927. Edith Knox trained him as a serious musician. When he was 10 he joined the Roger Wagner Chorale. Frank remained with them for 6 years. These formative years, then, were focused on a font of fine music.

At 17, Frank started his first band. That was in Sacramento, Calif. Since then he has been heard up and down the West Coast. For 5 years he has been heard at the Desert Inn... in Las Vegas at the Flamingo, at The Town House, The Encore, The Melody Room. In Palm Springs he has been heard at the Desert Inn... in Las Vegas at the Flamingo, The Royal Nevada and the Riviera.

The entire trio has equal respect for the harmonics and arrangements of the serious composer. All began their careers in classical music. Walter Sage, the drummer, studied with Ian Kerr, tympanist of the Cleveland Orchestra and, himself, played with the Peter Merenblum Symphony. Bert Hanson, who is heard here on bass, originally studied violin. He played cello with the Milwaukee Symphony under the baton of Bruno Walter, Stokowski, et. al. – Mort Goode

My Bonnie Lassie
C'est Si Bon
Take Me In Your Arms
The Third Man Theme
Strange Music
Sabre Dance
The Swedish Rhapsody
Summertime In Venice
Anema E Core (With All My Heart And Soul)
The Gypsy
Swingin' Abroad

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