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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Adventure In The Sun - Percy Faith

Aventure In The Sun
Percy Faith And His Orchestra
Photo: Jon Abbot
Columbia CL 1010

Available from online vendors so I will not be posting a sample. Presented here to share the cover art.

From the back cover: Percy Faith is famous for such musical tours as these: earlier Colombia albums such as "Continental Music" and "Passport To Romance" have drawn upon the beautiful songs or Europe and Latin America to become treasured components of any collection. And, of course, his orchestral settings of Broadway scores have helped to spread their songs even farther abroad. When Percy Faith left his native Canada to come to the United States, he already had great familiarity with fine popular music gained from studies and from his active career in Canadian broadcasting. On his arrival he almost at once was appointed conductor of one of the largest-running musical programs in radio, The Contented Hour, and shortly thereafter began his distinguished recording career. In the beginning, he concentrated primarily on vocalists, then branched out into purely instrumental work, and has since divided his time between the two. He has introduced, among other innovations, the "Magic Voices," an unusual handling of choral effects, and has searched endlessly for the little-known and unusual instruments, beyond the scope of the ordinary orchestra.

In recent years, he has been the distinguished conductor of The Woolworth Hour.

From Billboard - June 24, 1957: Mild general appeal. Program has international flavor, skipping all over the globe to present bright melodies from South America, Scotland, Sweden, Italy, etc. The collection is characterized by general gaiety with Faith arrangements and cover photo to match.

Yropical Merengue
The Fiddling Bullfighter
Hey Jose!
Bahama Lullaby
Bubbling Over
Tropic Holiday 
The Bandit

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