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Friday, February 23, 2018

The Golden Trumpet Of Eddie Calvert

Sidewalks Of Cuba
The Golden Trumpet Of Eddie Calvert
Cover Photo: Ron Harris
Cover Design by Viceroy
ABC-Paramount ABC-319
A Product Of Am-Par Record Corp.

ABC-Paramount fixed a piece of tape to each side of the disc label during manufacturing to obscure some information.

From Billboard - February 19, 1960: Calvert's smooth trumpet style was a big hit in "Oh, My Papa" a few years back. Here he gives it a workout in a variety of numbers and tho he gets off a growl here and there, Calvert sticks mainly with sleek phrasing, a mellow tone and occasional triple-tongued breaks. Selections have an international twist and range from "I Love Paris" they "Slow Boat To China," to "Manhattan."

Around The World
I Love Paris
April In Portugal
Wonderful Copenhagen
Cossack Patrol
Indian Summer
On A Slow Boat To China
Song Of The Islands
Sidewalks Of Cuba
Jamaican Rhuma
London By Night

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