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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Living It Up! - Bert Kaempfert

In The Mood
Living It Up!
Bert Kaempfert And His Orchestra
Recorded in Europe by Deutsche Grammophon/Polydor Series
Decca Records DL 74374

From Billboard - April 27, 1963: Guitars, flutes and drums are spotted along with the distinctive Kaempfert style here in a group of his original tunes coupled with one standard, "In The Mood." Kaempfert teamed up with Joseph C. Garland, Herbert Rehbein, Lutz Templin and Roy Llene to pen the special material. Over all the album has the same hit flavor as Kaempfert's earlier albums.

A1 Gentleman Jim
In The Mood
Dutch Treat
Tipsy Gypsy
Don't Talk To Me
Fluter's Holiday
Give And Take
Danke Schoen (Candlelight Cafe)
Two On A Tune
Living It Up
Easy Going
Tricky Trombone

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