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Sunday, February 18, 2018

At The Candlelight Cafe - The Three Suns

Vagabond King Waltz
At The Candlelight Cafe
The Three Suns
Produced by Al Nevins
RCA Camden CAL-513

From the back cover: Guitarist of the group is Al Nevins, Al was born in the nation's capitol and credits his musical gifts as coming from his parents, both of whom were enthusiastic amateur singers. His early professional interest, however, was in the unrelated field of architectural drafting, and when he did shift his focus to the world of music, the emphasis was very much along classical lines. What followed was an intensive period of study in theory, counterpoint and harmony. His first instruments were violin and viola (which he studies und the direction of Leon Barzin). Al then extended his knowledge of playing to cover all the string instruments and he finally settled, of course, on the guitar.

The Nevins guitar is a custom-built instrument with a specially constructed amplification system that enable him to create some highly diverse musical effects.

It was Al's insistence that brother Morty Nevins decided to enter the music arena. Morty holds down two jobs in The Three Suns: he's featured as both pianist and accordionist. Of particular interest is his most unusual accordion. Morty has devised a special chamber for the instrument that offers a sound remarkably like that of a violin, and another accessory that permits him to play reinforced octaves. The instrument itself weighs thirty-three pounds, but under the pressure of playing this increases to one hundred pounds, thus keeping Morty in musical and physical trim at the same time.

Boston-born Artie Dunn rounds out the trio. Incidentally, Artie's a cousin of the Nevin brothers, thereby keeping the Suns very much a family affair. Artie's initial dip into the musical pond was as a Ruby Vallee-styled, megaphone-clutching crooner, but a stint at the great Wurlitzer of the Hub's Grand Theater decided him on a keyboard career. Before long he was playing the piano for one of Tin Pan Alley's top publishing houses, demonstrating the hits of the day for some of show business' top personalities. It was just such as occasion that brought about a reunion with his musical cousins and marked the birth of The Three Suns.

The Hammond organ which he plays is quite unique. Its attractive white shell hides some very intricate specifications. In addition to the unusual electric tones, it can reproduce the orchestral colors of the oboe, English horn and fluegelhorn. Its bell effects recreate the sounds of the carillon, chimes and vibrchord bells.

Bubble Waltz
Just One More Chance
Under A Blanket Of Blue
Vagabond King Waltz
I Never Knew (I Could Love Anybody Like I'm Loving You)
For You
Tango Of Roses
Sugar Blues
Sleepy Serenade

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