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Friday, January 26, 2018

Latin From Manhattan - Ethel Smith

Cose, Cose, Cose
Latin From Manhattan
Ethel Smith
Organ Solos With Instrumental Accompaniment
Decca Records DL 8457

From the back cover: Louis Sobol informed his readers in the New York Journal-American: "First Nighters wouldn't let her off. Certainly, this is one of our most versatile entertainers. She delivered organ solos – and then in a hilarious patter, explained how the organ operates. She sang, she played the guitar, she demonstrated how various noisemakers are employed, and put new life into everything." In Variety, the Bible of the entertainment world, Abel Green added: "Decca dicker, Ethel Smith, is a comedienne as well as a virtuoso of the organ... In somewhat the same vein as Victor Borge's tongue-in-cheek humor, Miss Smith makes with the quips and the linguistic ad libs... A novelty on any rostrum, podium, and salon floor." When she appeared as guest performer with The Milwaukee Pops Orchestra, the Milwaukee Journal's Harry S. Pease wrote: "She kicked more rhythms out of an electric organ with her dainty left foot than other musicians extract with all ten fingers.

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Cose, Cose, Cose

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