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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Ian Fleming's From Russia With Love

James Bond Is Back
Ian Fleming's From Russia With Love
Original Motion Picture Sound Track
Title Song by Lionel Bart, Sung by Matt Monro
Music Composed, Arranged and Conducted by John Barry
Cover Design: Jack Kaufman
Published by Unart Music
United Artists Records UAL 4114

From Billboard - April 11, 1964: With some 11 singles already recorded of the theme from this flick, the presence of the album will certainly not be a secret for long. The movie promotion plus air play on the singles could make this album a heathy seller.

Opening Titles – James Bond is back – From Russia With Love (Bart) and James Bond Theme (Norman)
Tania Meets Klebb (Barry)
Meeting In St. Sophia (Barry)
The Golden Horn (Barry)
Girl Trouble (Barry)
Bond Meets Tania (Bart)
007 (Barry)
Gypsy Camp (Barry)
Death Of Grant (Barry)
From Russia With Love (Sung by Matt Monro) (Bart)
Spectre Island (Barry)
Guitar Lament (Barry)
Man Overboard - Smersh In Action (Barry)
James Bond With Bongos (Norman)
Stalking (Barry)
Leila Dances (Barry)
Death Of Kerim (Bart - Barry)
007 Takes The Lektor (Barry)

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